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Employment in Nashville, TN

EMF Telecom, Inc. is always looking for Great People to join our TEAM!

Do you love to travel but hate being on the road for 6+ weeks at a time? Here at EMF, we pride ourselves in short trips and most nights at home. Travel is still a requirement but typical trips are 2 weeks and for the longer trips, 4 weeks at most. EMF is a Family orientated company that keeps employees local as much as possible. It's not just something we put on our website, you can ask anyone that currently works at EMF. 


To apply for an open position, download, print and sign an application form and email us at

Now Hiring for All Positions Including:

Tower Tech 1

Tower Tech 2

Tower Tech 3/Top Hand

Tower Foreman

Tower Construction Manager

Civil Tech 1

Civil Tech 2

Civil Foreman

Civil Construction Manager

Project Manager

Accounting/Administrative Coordinator

Construction Coordinator

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